Marek Podgorny

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Web technologies|in particular linked Java servers and clients|allow new dynamic collaborative environments linking people and computers (collaboratories). We describe the architecture of a system, TANGOsim, that combines a Java collaborative environment with an executive providing general message lters, and an event driven simulator. The initial(More)
We describe our InfoMall technology transfer program | a partnership of over sixty commercial, academic and federal organisations working together on HPCN technology development a s w ell as HPCN-enabled business activities. We discuss a selection of some of the project activities being undertaken by InfoMall members and focus on an \Electronic InfoMall"(More)
MOVIE (Multitasking Object-oriented Visual Interactive Environment) is a new software system for High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC), currently in the advanced design and implementation stage at Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (NPAC), Syracuse University. The MOVIE System is structured as a multiserver network of interpreters of high-level(More)
Methods of storing, managing and presenting educational multimedia data are proposed. Application of these methods to interactive synchronous and asynchronous Distance Learning systems is discussed. An example system based on the proposed solution is presented in details. The system uses clean organization of educational material and enables storage,(More)
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