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Geographical and logical growth of the WorldWide Web is accompanied by a fast technological development. Web can be successfully used as a platform for implementation of diverse applications. Distributed and collaborative systems are among the most challenging Web applications. TANGO is an integration platform which enables implementation of Web-based(More)
Web technologies|in particular linked Java servers and clients|allow new dynamic collaborative environments linking people and computers (collaboratories). We describe the architecture of a system, TANGOsim, that combines a Java collaborative environment with an executive providing general message lters, and an event driven simulator. The initial(More)
We discuss techniques in developing interactive P arallel Virtual Machine(PVM) concurrent programs on distributed systems under AVS framework. Using a stock option price modeling application as a case study, w e demonstrate a simple, eeective a n d modular approach to coupling network-based concurrent modules into an interactive remote visualization(More)
In the fall of 1997, and again in the spring of 1998, the Northeast Parallel Architectures Center at Syracuse University taught a computational science course at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi using the TANGO Interactive collaboratory system. What made this course unique is that twice a week instructors "met" with students online, showing(More)
InfoMall is a programme lead by the Northeast Parallel Ar-chitectures Center (NPAC) featuring a partnership of over twenty-ve organisations and a plan for accelerating development of the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) software and systems industry. HPCC (or HPCN as it is known in Europe) is a critical technology which will have(More)
MOVIE (Multitasking Object-oriented Visual Interactive Environment) is a new software system for High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC), currently in the advanced design and implementation stage at Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (NPAC), Syracuse University. The MOVIE System is structured as a multiserver network of interpreters of high-level(More)
We describe our InfoMall technology transfer program | a partnership of over sixty commercial, academic and federal organisations working together on HPCN technology development a s w ell as HPCN-enabled business activities. We discuss a selection of some of the project activities being undertaken by InfoMall members and focus on an \Electronic InfoMall"(More)