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The locally most powerful (LMP) tests of the hypothesis H : 6 = 6Q against one-sided as well as two-sided alternatives are compared with several competitive tests, as the likelihood ratio tests, the Wald-type tests and the Rao score tests, for several distribution shapes and for location, shape and vector parameters. A simulation study confirms the(More)
The geometry of the phosphodiester backbone was analyzed for 7739 dinucleotides from 447 selected crystal structures of naked and complexed DNA. Ten torsion angles of a near-dinucleotide unit have been studied by combining Fourier averaging and clustering. Besides the known variants of the A-, B- and Z-DNA forms, we have also identified combined A + B(More)
We reconsider the existing kernel estimators for a copula function , as proposed in Gijbels and Mielniczuk [Comm. All of these estimators have as a drawback that they can suffer from a corner bias problem. A way to deal with this is to impose rather stringent conditions on the copula, outruling as such many classical families of copulas. In this paper, we(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate methods of HIV incidence determination are critically needed to monitor the epidemic and determine the population level impact of prevention trials. One such trial, Project Accept, a Phase III, community-randomized trial, evaluated the impact of enhanced, community-based voluntary counseling and testing on population-level HIV incidence.(More)
Common scab of potatoes is a disease, which is difficult to manage due to complex interactions of the pathogenic bacteria (Streptomyces spp.) with soil, microbial community and potato plants. In Bohemian-Moravian Highlands in the Czech Republic two sites (Vyklantice and Zdirec) were selected for a study of common scab disease suppressivity. At both sites, a(More)
In this paper we find verifiable regularity conditions to ensure that S-estimators of scale and regression and MM-estimators of regression are uniformly consistent and uniformly asymptotically normally distributed over contamination neighbourhoods. Moreover, we show how to calculate the size of these neighbourhoods. In particular, we find that, for(More)
Common scab (CS) severity was assessed in relationship to mineral contents of potato periderm in 18 cultivars varying in maturity period and CS susceptibility. Two field experiments, one repeated in 3 years, were conducted. The effect of site, cultivar and growing period on the disease severity was always significant but not that of year to year(More)
Distribution and evolutionary history of resistance genes in environmental actinobacteria provide information on intensity of antibiosis and evolution of specific secondary metabolic pathways at a given site. To this day, actinobacteria producing biologically active compounds were isolated mostly from soil but only a limited range of soil environments were(More)
The rank statistics S n (t) = 1 n n i=1 c i R i (t) (t ∈ R p), with R i (t) being the rank of e i −t the basic distribution with the cdf F , are considered as a random process with t in the role of parameter. Under some assumptions on c i , x i and on the underlying distribution, it is proved that the process {S n (t √ n) − S n (0) − E S n (t), |t| 2 ≤ M }(More)
For a random sample X 1 ,. .. , X n from the normal distribution N (µ, σ 2) we test the hypothesis H : (µ, σ 2) T = (0, 1) T against K : (µ, σ 2) T = (0, 1) T. Next to three classical tests – Likelihood ratio test, Wald test and Rao score test, we consider also special tests which were suggested for this problem in the literature. Within these tests we will(More)
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