Marek Obitko

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The goal of the integration of multi-agent or holonic systems is to enable them to communicate together and to understand exchanged messages. The communication problems can occur at the level of physical communication, at the level of syntax of the messages, and at the level of the semantics of messages. There are proposals for the solutions of how to(More)
Industrial distributed systems aim at robust and flexible control of industrial processes, for which the traditional centralized approaches are not sufficient. The general problem of distributed systems is that they are still tightly coupled from the point of view of system integration and are still far from openness that would enable cooperation at a(More)
Distributed intelligent control systems compared to traditional centralized manufacturing architectures provide much more powerful instruments for developing robust, flexible and reconfigurable factory automation systems. The basic characteristic of any distributed system is a communication between the system’s components needed for information exchange and(More)
The word “ontology” has gained a good popularity within the AI community. Ontology is usually viewed as a high-level description consisting of concepts that organize the upper parts of the knowledge base. However, meaning of the term “ontology” tends to be a bit vague, as the term is used in different ways. In this paper we will attempt to clarify the(More)