Marek Niezgodka

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The method of purification of the human placental Fc receptor to an active form is described. The FcR was purified from the glycoprotein fraction of the placental membranes by immunoprecipitation and chromatography on DEAE-cellulose. The purified FcR corresponded to 1.5-2% of the protein present in the crude glycoprotein fraction (PGP) and showed the(More)
Binding of ligands to cell surface receptors may induce an interaction of the receptors with the cell cytoskeleton. This interaction may decrease the solubility of the receptors in nonionic detergents. We studied effect of binding of various 125I-labeled immunoglobulin ligands to Fc gamma receptors on guinea pig peritoneal macrophages and human placental(More)
Studies on localization of structural differences between ovine and bovine serum and colostral IgG immunoglobulins are described. Comparison of heterogeneity, susceptibility to proteolytic enzymes, peptide maps, amino acid compositions, and antigenic properties of immunoglobulins and their Fab and Fc fragments and H and L chains showed that structural(More)
The main object of this thesis is the rigorous derivation of continuum models in mechanobiology via multiscale analysis. On the microscopic level, models in terms of energy functionals defined on networks / lattices are considered. Using concepts of Γ-convergence rigorous convergence results as well as explicit homogenisation formulae can be derived. Based(More)