Marek Niezgodka

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A system of a parabolic partial dierential equation coupled with ordinary dierential inclusions that arises from a closed-loop control problem for a thermodynamic process governed by the Allen-Cahn diusion reaction model is studied. A feedback law for the closed-loop control is proposed and implemented in the case of a nite number of control devices located(More)
The main object of this thesis is the rigorous derivation of continuum models in mechanobiology via multiscale analysis. On the microscopic level, models in terms of energy functionals defined on networks / lattices are considered. Using concepts of Γ-convergence rigorous convergence results as well as explicit homogenisation formulae can be derived. Based(More)
Recent advances in information technology, especially grid solutions, allow f or seemless and effective development of user interfaces to computing programs and data processing. Computational grids enable transparent access to a wide variety of geographically distributed resources and their sharing. Grids facilitate selection and aggregation of distributed(More)
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