Marek Neuberg

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Changes of amino acid concentrations (proline, glutamate, asparagine, aspartate, alanine) and glutamate kinase activity (GKA) in plants under arsenic chronic stress reported here reveal their role in plant arsenic stress adaptation. Results of the pot experiment confirmed the toxic effect of arsenic at tested levels (As1=25 mg As kg(-1) soil, As2=50 mg As(More)
Internal illiac and ovarian artery ligation was performed in 7 patients as a life saving measure (group I) and in 12 patients as a prophylactic procedure (group II) in 116 pelvic operations for gynaecological malignancy. The author presents own surgical technique for internal iliac and ovarian arteries ligation. The purpose of analysis was to identify a(More)
OBJECTIVES A natural disaster has been defined as a disruption of human ecology that exceeds the capacity of the community to function normally. Little is known about the influence of flood disaster on reproductive outcomes. DESIGN This study reviews perinatal medical problems in pregnant women during the flood disaster from Kłodzko Region in July 1997.(More)
OBJECTIVES The clinical analysis of deliveries ended by forceps over the period of ten years. DESIGN Review of perinatal outcome and indications to use outlet and low forceps or midforceps. MATERIALS AND METHODS Author analysed 137 forceps deliveries in comparison to control group of 250 normal, vaginal labours. Obstetrical history, indications to use(More)
RATIONALE Flood disasters destroy environment of many people by causing physical as well as psychological harm. This may affect procreational behavior of the victims. DESIGN This study examines reproductive behavior (number of live births) among the survivors from the flood disaster in Klodzko Region which took place in July 1997. The observation period(More)
We report an unusual case of adenomyosis with asymptomatic thoracic endometriosis. A 30-year old woman had a history of nephroblastoma, two missed abortions and one childbirth by caesarean section. The pregnancy was complicated with asymmetric fetus hipotrophy. Two years after delivery she had assessments for dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, pelvic pain, and(More)
The influence of different chelates applied in the soil primary on Al and secondary on Fe and Mn mobilization and their removal from solution was investigated. The work compared the efficiency of 10 mM tartaric acid and 3 mM EDTA in soil washing process and accumulation potential of Pistia stratiotes in rhizofiltration process. The plant response on the(More)
OBJECTIVES A natural disaster has been defined as a disruption of human ecology that exceeds the capacity of the community to function normally. DESIGN After the flood disaster in Kłodzko Region, July 1997, the major problem in female adolescents was observed: secondary amenorrhea. MATERIALS AND METHODS 17 female adolescents, aged 13-18, which injured(More)
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