Marek Molas

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OBJECTIVE To estimate the time required for hypertension and proteinuria to resolve after preeclampsia, and to estimate how this time to resolution correlates with the levels of blood pressure and proteinuria during preeclampsia and prolonging pregnancy after the development of preeclampsia. METHODS This is a historic prospective cohort study of 205(More)
Discrete bounded outcome scores (BOS), i.e. discrete measurements that are restricted on a finite interval, often occur in practice. Examples are compliance measures, quality of life measures, etc. In this paper we examine three related random effects approaches to analyze longitudinal studies with a BOS as response: (1) a linear mixed effects (LM) model(More)
Count data often exhibit overdispersion. One type of overdispersion arises when there is an excess of zeros in comparison with the standard Poisson distribution. Zero-inflated Poisson and hurdle models have been proposed to perform a valid likelihood-based analysis to account for the surplus of zeros. Further, data often arise in clustered, longitudinal or(More)
AIM Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP)-13 can initiate bone resorption and activate proMMP-9 in vitro, and both these MMPs have been widely implicated in tissue destruction associated with chronic periodontitis. We studied whether MMP-13 activity and TIMP-1 levels in gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) associated with progression of chronic periodontitis assessed(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This study aimed to unravel the multidimensional profile of stroke outcomes by investigating the global correlation structure of motor, functional, and emotional problems of patients, as well as their caregivers' strain, at 6 months after stroke. Potential differential associations based on patients' level of functioning on admission(More)
OBJECTIVE To find out how accurate our records are and the state of health of the patients with diabetes mellitus type II (DM) in our Base Health Area (BHA) in Osona county (Barcelona), both before and after introducing a new procedure. DESIGN Quality control study based on the medical records (PCMR) of DM patients. The evaluation took place between(More)
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