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BACKGROUND Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) is an imaging diagnostic method based that allows non-invasive measurement of metabolites in tissues. There are a number of metabolites that can be identified by standard brain proton MRS but only a few of them has a clinical significance in diagnosis of gliomas including N-acetylaspartate, choline, creatine,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Gadobenate dimeglumine has proved advantageous compared with other gadolinium-based contrast agents for contrast-enhanced brain MR imaging. Gadobutrol is a more highly concentrated agent (1.0 mol/L). This study intraindividually compared 0.1-mmol/kg doses of these agents for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of brain tumors. (More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Scapholunate (SL) ligament disruption frequently occurs together with distal radius fractures. If it is not diagnosed and treated, instability develops and will eventually be manifested as arthritic lesions known as scapholunate advanced collapse (SLAC) of the wrist. The aim of this study was to record the occurrence of SL ligament(More)
The prognosis of patients with Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) involving the central nervous system (CNS) is generally poor, despite reports of clinical responses to chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. We report on a patient with a 20-year history of relapsing multisystem LCH who developed progressive neuropsychiatric symptoms, including diplopia,(More)
STUDY DESIGN A prospective study evaluating a cohort of patients with spondylotic cervical spine compression. OBJECTIVE To analyze the potential of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) of the cervical spinal cord in the detection of changes associated with spondylotic myelopathy, with particular reference to clinical and electrophysiological findings. SUMMARY(More)
INTRODUCTION Erdheim-Chester disease is a very rare syndrome affecting adult population. It typically causes hyperostosis of long bones, retroperitoneal fibrosis and widening of the aortic wall. Patients frequently suffer from disease-associated fevers and pain in the lower limbs. No guidelines are available for the treatment of this rare ailment.(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal execution of several movements in a sequence is a frequent finding in schizophrenia. Successful performance of such motor acts requires correct integration of cortico-subcortical processes, particularly those related to cerebellar functions. Abnormal connectivity between cortical and cerebellar regions with resulting cognitive dysmetria(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Gadobutrol (Gadavist) and gadoteridol (ProHance) have similar macrocyclic molecular structures, but gadobutrol is formulated at a 2-fold higher (1 mol/L versus 0.5 mol/L) concentration. We sought to determine whether this difference impacts morphologic contrast-enhanced MR imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two hundred twenty-nine adult(More)
In 2004, diabetes insipidus was the first clinical sign of Erdheim-Chester disease in our patient. Following introduction of substitution therapy with adiuretin, the patient had no further health complaints for four years until 2008 when he gradually developed dysarthria and, consequently, movement disorder in the form of mild right hemiparesis. The first(More)