Marek Mechl

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BACKGROUND Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) is an imaging diagnostic method based that allows non-invasive measurement of metabolites in tissues. There are a number of metabolites that can be identified by standard brain proton MRS but only a few of them has a clinical significance in diagnosis of gliomas including N-acetylaspartate, choline, creatine,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Gadobenate dimeglumine has proved advantageous compared with other gadolinium-based contrast agents for contrast-enhanced brain MR imaging. Gadobutrol is a more highly concentrated agent (1.0 mol/L). This study intraindividually compared 0.1-mmol/kg doses of these agents for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of brain tumors. (More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal execution of several movements in a sequence is a frequent finding in schizophrenia. Successful performance of such motor acts requires correct integration of cortico-subcortical processes, particularly those related to cerebellar functions. Abnormal connectivity between cortical and cerebellar regions with resulting cognitive dysmetria(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Gadobutrol (Gadavist) and gadoteridol (ProHance) have similar macrocyclic molecular structures, but gadobutrol is formulated at a 2-fold higher (1 mol/L versus 0.5 mol/L) concentration. We sought to determine whether this difference impacts morphologic contrast-enhanced MR imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two hundred twenty-nine adult(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has previously been used as a biomarker of myelopathy in patients with degenerative cervical cord compression (DCCC). However, many factors may affect the diffusion properties of the spinal cord. This prospective study seeks to identify sources of variability in spinal cord DTI parameters in both DCCC(More)
Radiation myelopathy (RM) is a rare complication of spinal cord irradiation. Diagnosis is based on the history of radiotherapy, laboratory tests, and magnetic resonance imaging of the spinal cord. The MRI findings may nevertheless be quite unspecific. In this paper, we describe the findings of diffusion tensor imaging in a case of the delayed form of RM. We(More)
Purpose To intra-individually compare 0.1 and 0.05 mmol/kg gadobenate (MultiHance) with 0.1 mmol/kg gadoterate (Dotarem) for contrast-enhanced MRI of brain tumours. One hundred seventy-seven adult patients with suspected or known brain tumours were randomised to one of two study arms to undergo two identical exams at 1.5T, one with gadobenate at 0.1 (Arm 1;(More)
BACKGROUND Central neurocytoma (CN) represents a rare, relatively recently described primary central nervous system tumor. It ranks among intraventricular tumors due to its predominant location within the lateral brain ventricles. CN occurs mostly in young adults around the 3rd decade of life; almost a fifth of the cases are children under 18 years of age.(More)
The authors investigated the relationship between depression and involvement of specific brain areas in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. 20 MS patients (10 depressed and 10 non-depressed) were evaluated. The emotional state was assessed by several neuropsychological tests, and all of the patients underwent 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance (MRI) including T1(More)
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