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The presence of several endogenous molecular forms of human GH (hGH), including proteolytically cleaved two-chain forms, has been proposed to be related to the diverse biological activity of hGH. The present study characterized hGH degradation in the rat to determine how peripheral metabolism may influence the kinetics and pharmacology of exogenously(More)
Isoprenoids, as common constituents of all living cells, are exposed to oxidative agents—reactive oxygen species, for example, singlet oxygen or hydroxyl radicals. Despite this fact, products of oxidation of polyisoprenoids have never been characterized. In this study, chemical oxidation of isoprenoid alcohols (Prenol-2 and -10) was performed using singlet(More)
The metabolism of des(64,65)-human proinsulin was examined in rats after subcutaneous administration. Profiles of circulating insulin-like immunoreactivity in rat plasma 25 min after subcutaneous administration were evaluated by anion exchange fast protein liquid chromatography and reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography. Both techniques(More)
The degradation of native and 125I-labeled human insulin (HI) was examined in the cytosolic fraction of human, monkey, and rat liver. The purpose of these studies was to provide a species comparison of the interaction of insulin-degrading enzyme (IDE) and protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) in the degradation of HI. Western-blot analysis with monoclonal(More)
The purpose of the present study was to determine the lead structure in cardiac glycosides at the receptor level, i.e. the minimal structural requirement for specific and powerful receptor recognition. Accordingly 73 digitalis-like acting steroids were characterized as to the concentration effecting half-maximum inhibition of Na,K-ATPase from human cardiac(More)
BACKGROUND The unpredictable side effects of a majority currently used drugs are the substantial issue, in which patients and physicians are forced to deal with. Augmenting the therapeutic efficacy of drugs may prove more fruitful than searching for the new ones. Since recent studies show that new cationic derivatives of polyisoprenoid alcohols (APrens)(More)
In the present work, the validity of the helicity rule relating the absolute configuration of the bridgehead carbon atom in bicyclic β-lactams to the sign of the 220 nm band observed in their electronic circular dichroism (ECD) spectra is examined for ring-expanded cephalosporin analogues. To this end, a series of model compounds with a seven-membered ring(More)
Immunoassay technology is routinely used to measure concentrations of proteins and polypeptides in biological matrices. Increasingly, research efforts have sought to create analogs of human proteins with the aim of improving efficacy or pharmaceutical properties relative to the native protein. Pharmacokinetic assessment of these polypeptide analogs,(More)