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A panel of sera from patients with known case histories representative of acute toxoplasmosis (primarily lymphadenopathy, n = 106), latent toxoplasmosis (asymptomatic, n = 368) and negative samples (n = 54) was used to evaluate the capacity of five serological tests to differentiate among patients with acute or latent toxoplasmosis and non-infected(More)
BACKGROUND The parasite Toxoplasma gondii infects 30-60% of humans worldwide. Latent toxoplasmosis, i.e., the life-long presence of Toxoplasma cysts in neural and muscular tissues, leads to prolongation of reaction times in infected subjects. It is not know, however, whether the changes observed in laboratory influence the performance of subjects in(More)
To determine changes in incidence of reactivation of Toxoplasma gondii infection, manifesting as toxoplasmic encephalitis, and to assess the immunological mechanisms controlling reactivation in HIV-infected patients, a Czech cohort of 502 HIV/T. gondii co-infected patients was followed for 2909·3 person-years. The incidence of toxoplasmic encephalitis(More)
Abiotic conditions provide cues that drive tick questing activity. Defining these cues is critical in predicting biting risk, and in forecasting climate change impacts on tick populations. This is particularly important for Ixodes ricinus nymphs, the vector of numerous pathogens affecting humans. A 6-year study of the questing activity of I. ricinus was(More)
OBJECTIVE Phthalates and their metabolites are classified as endocrine modulators. They affect the hormonal balance in both children and adults. The aim of this publication was to compare the urinary levels of phthalate metabolites in selected populations of the Czech Republic (CZ), Slovakia (SK), and Hungary (HU) in relation to the sources of phthalate(More)
BACKGROUND For Europe as a whole, data on internal exposure to environmental chemicals do not yet exist. Characterization of the internal individual chemical environment is expected to enhance understanding of the environmental threats to health. OBJECTIVES We developed and applied a harmonized protocol to collect comparable human biomonitoring data all(More)
Prion diseases are characterized by the accumulation of PrP(Sc), an aberrantly folded isoform of the host protein PrP(C). Specific forms of synthetic molecules known as dendrimers are able to eliminate protease-resistant PrP(Sc) in both an intracellular and in vitro setting. The properties of a dendrimer which govern this ability are unknown. We addressed(More)
BACKGROUND Lung transplantation is a well established treatment for advanced lung diseases. METHODS We compared the clinical results of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) entered into the waiting list with those of patients after lung transplantation. RESULTS Among 36 patients with CF on the waiting list, 23 underwent lung transplantation, 8 died, 3 are(More)
AIM Utilization of cardiac catheterization has increased dramatically over time. Bleeding is a major prognostic predictor after percutaneous coronary catheterization procedures. This study aimed to assess the impact of eight polymorphisms of genes encoding platelet receptors and enzymes on the risk of bleeding in patients undergoing elective coronary(More)
AIMS Surgical ablation procedure can restore sinus rhythm (SR) in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) undergoing cardiac surgery. However, it is not known whether it has any impact on long-term clinical outcomes. METHODS AND RESULTS This multicentre study randomized 224 patients with AF scheduled for valve and/or coronary surgery: group A (left atrial(More)