Marek Lubicz

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In this paper, we present boosted SVM dedicated to solve imbalanced data problems. Proposed solution combines the benefits of using ensemble classifiers for uneven data together with cost-sensitive support vectors machines. Further, we present oracle-based approach for extracting decision rules from the boosted SVM. In the next step we examine the quality(More)
This paper describes a system dynamics simulation model to analyse the relationship between age pyramid and the volume of patients arriving to hospital emergency departments located in a sub-region of Lower Silesia of Poland. The study relies on demographic and historical demand data, and the cohort forecasts for the population of the region. The results of(More)
Ceramide galactosyltransferase (UGT8) is an enzyme that regulates the synthesis of sphingolipids of the myelin sheath in nervous systems. The protein raises an increasing research interest as a potential marker of cancer progression in various organs. In the present study we seek to determine whether UGT8 could play a role of a therapeutic marker in(More)
OBJECTIVES The early pregnancy disorders are most frequent diagnostic problem in a GP-practice. This observation and commonness of the problem inclined the authors to assume eutopic physiological pregnancy, eutopic complicated pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy and trophoblastic diseases as important diagnostic hypotheses for our knowledge based consultation(More)
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