Marek Kwasniewski

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Treatment with the beta-adrenergic agonist isoproterenol suppresses clinical and histological experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in Lewis rats. The effect of isoproterenol treatment is greater when the drug is given from the time of immunization through the acute phase of the illness or from 8 to 14 days post-immunization than when given for the first(More)
We have reported previously that sympathectomy augments immune responses in mice and rats. In the present study, we show that ablation of the sympathetic nervous system augments macrophage function as measured by increased TNF secretion. We also show that a factor present in the sympathetic ganglia of newborn rats, suppresses secretion of TNF by(More)
The sympathetic nervous system exerts a trophic-mitogenic effect on C-1300 mouse neuroblastoma. We now report that the trophic factor present in freshly excised sympathetic ganglia from newborn rats enhances survival and process formation of the cells of the septal region of the rat basal forebrain.
Treatment of Lewis rats with the beta 2-adrenergic agonist terbutaline suppressed clinical symptoms of acute passive transfer EAMG induced with monoclonal anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody and accelerated clinical recovery in affected animals. Electrophysiological studies showed that the amplitude of the first compound muscle action potential was(More)
The induction of continuous I-A expression by L3T4 and Lyt2 lymphocyte subpopulations from Bcgr and Bcgs mice was compared. We found that the induction of continuous I-A expression was independent of the Bcg genotype of the T cells. T cells from congenic Bcgs BALB/c mice and C.D2Bcgr mice could not induce continuous I-A expression in vitro and were(More)
Adoptively transferred experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) was significantly augmented in Lewis rats with ablated sympathetic nervous system. Sympathectomy was obtained by treatment of newborn rats with 6-hydroxydopamine. Sham-injected rats were used as a control. EAE was elicited in 7-8-week-old donor Lewis rats by immunization with a suspension(More)