Marek Kumpost

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This paper introduces results of a study into the value of location privacy for individuals using mobile devices. We questioned a sample of over 1200 people from five EU countries, and used tools from experimental psychology and economics to extract from them the value they attach to their location data. We compare this value across national groups, gender(More)
  • Marek Kumpost
  • The International Conference on Emerging Security…
  • 2007
This paper presents our current work on traffic log processing. Our goal is to find an approach to modeling user behaviour based on their behavioural patterns. Since the amount of input data we have is really large, effective preprocessing is crucial for the profiling to provide significant results. This paper presents our approach to restricting the input(More)
The value attached to privacy has become a common notion in the press, featuring frequent stories of people selling sensitive personal information for a couple of dollars. Syverson argues [1] that we should incorporate the risk of data misuse into our reasoning about privacy valuations. Yet there are doubts as to whether people can, and do, value their(More)
This paper examines the results of our European-wide study on the price of location privacy of individuals using mobile phones. There were 1200 active participants from five EU countries in our experiment. We used tools from experimental psychology and economics to assess the value that users attach to their location data. This paper extends the results(More)
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