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The aim of project is to build a European network, which will integrate the research capabilities of a group of research institutes and university departments to provide an infrastructure for the highest quality research in psychiatric disorders, particularly in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disturbances. This network will integrate original computer(More)
CT perfusion is a new diagnostic method which enables imaging of the hemodynamics of tissues and organs. Until now most of the publications have been focused on the use of this technique to assess acute stroke. The aim of the presented work is to show the role of CT perfusion in the diagnosis of cerebral gliomas. These tumors are characterized by intensive(More)
Background. MRIs were obtained from 24 patients with suspicion of small pelvis pathology, with no indication of hip joint pathology.<br /> Results and Conclusions. Based on the normal descriptive and topographical anatomy of the hip joint and its vicinity, the authors identified on the MRIs the main bony, muscular, vascular and nervous structures comprising(More)
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