Marek Konieczny

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The goal of this paper is to discuss the application of fog computing concept realized with embedded systems for environment monitoring in case of emergency situations such as flood, earthquakes, landslides, etc. We also present a practical realization of a hardware-software platform for such a system by applying the described ideas to a smart levee(More)
The article presents an innovative method for assessing performance of modular SDN controllers, focusing on test customization. The method was validated by construction of a testing framework that gives its users the opportunity to emulate various network traffic patterns by using arbitrarily chosen applications, rather than simulating workloads. The(More)
Chalcone constitutes one of the most used molecular frameworks in medicinal chemistry and its derivatives exhibit a broad spectrum of biological activities. Low absolute bioavailability, poor distribution, intensive metabolism and elimination of chalcones are the main problems in designing new drugs based on their structure. One of the fundamental steps in(More)
Three structurally related oxathiolone fused chalcone derivatives appeared effective chemosensitizers, able to restore in part sensitivity to fluconazole of multidrug-resistant C. albicans strains. Compound 21 effectively chemosensitized cells resistant due to the overexpression of the MDR1 gene, compound 6 reduced resistance of cells overexpressing the(More)
An approach called network coding is a new research area that could dramatically enhance the reliability and efficiency of practical networking systems. Network coding can enable intermediate nodes to send out packets that are combinations of previously received information. So transmitting evidence about messages can be more useful than conveying messages(More)
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