Marek Kmieciak

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Background. Neoplasms of limbs are appear as primary of changes or as bone metastases.<br /> Material and methods. In 1989-2002 due to neoplasms limbs 795 patients were hospitalised, of which 278 suffered from malignant metastases to bones. In this group, 242 patients with lesions localised within the femoral (169), humeral (55) and tibial (18) bones were(More)
The authors present a case of severe traumatic fracture-dislocation of Th8 with total anterior slippage of Th7 on Th8 without spinal cord injury. The patient underwent one-stage anterior and posterior decompression. Posterior surgery included Th4 to Th9 laminectomy and Th7-Th8 facetectomy and posterior bone graft. Anterior procedure included Th8(More)
The paper presents an unusual case of internal snapping hip in an 18 year old female, due to abnormal iliopsoas tendon tension. Operative treatment with precision of the fibrous slip over the rim of the pelvis gave a very good result, with slight limitation of active hip flexion. Various opinions on the pathogenesis and treatment of this rare condition have(More)
The computerized method of bone radiographs assessment has been presented. The radiographs were taken by standard technique with the aluminum wedge on the film and known exposition parameters as energy, time and the distance between the source and the subject. Specially designed software served to evaluate the intensity of film darkening. The method may be(More)
This paper presents results of treatment of 46 consecutive patients with pseudoarthroses of the long bones treated with closed intramedullary reaming followed by intramedullary nailing. There were 22 nonunions of the tibia, 15 of the femur, 3 of the humerus and 6 of the forearm. The union occurred in 40 cases, among them in 3 of 4 treated atrophic, that(More)
We present an unusual case of primary osseous pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma with focal matrix formation mimicking osteosarcoma. The patient was a 21-year-old man who had suffered from pain and slight enlargement of his left calf for 2 months. A plain radiograph demonstrated a large, predominantly osteolytic mass in the region of the proximal fibula with(More)
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