Marek K. Dobke

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Breast surgery is a common procedure performed in women. Many women who undergo breast surgery suffer from ill-defined pain syndromes. Although there exists a few reports on the incidence of post mastectomy pain, there are no published reports on chronic pain after breast reconstruction. This investigation attempts to characterize the pain after four types(More)
Though reduced serum or myoblast co-culture alone can differentiate adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) into mesenchymal lineages, efficiency is usually not sufficient to restore function in vivo. Often when injected into fibrotic muscle, their differentiation may be misdirected by the now stiffened tissue. Here ASCs are shown to not just simply reflect the(More)
Recent analyses suggest that transposable element-derived transcripts are processed to yield a variety of small RNA species that play critical functional roles in gene regulation and chromatin organization as well as genome stability and maintenance. Here we report a mass spectrometry analysis of an RNA-affinity complex isolation using a piRNA homologous(More)
In order to reexamine the possible association between bacterial presence and capsular contracture, 55 silicone devices (mammary implants or tissue expanders) were cultured at the time of their removal from 40 patients. Special culture techniques were used in an attempt to recover bacteria adhering to the smooth-surfaced implant and encased in glycocalyx(More)
Cellular aging is linked to deficiencies in efficient repair of DNA double strand breaks and authentic genome maintenance at the chromatin level. Aging poses a significant threat to adult stem cell function by triggering persistent DNA damage and ultimately cellular senescence. Senescence is often considered to be an irreversible process. Moreover, critical(More)
The study goal was to evaluate the impact of the telemedicine consult on patients with chronic wounds. Thirty patients from long-term care skilled nursing facilities, referred to the ambulatory wound care program for wound assessment and preparation of management plans, were the subject of this prospective, randomized trial. To facilitate communication with(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the maxillary arch morphology in 5-year-old children treated for unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP) with early gingivoplasty (EGP) and without this procedure (non-EGP). Three-dimensional (3-D) imaging was used to verify which measurements and to what degree specific orthodontic parameters differ in both groups.(More)
The purpose of this project was to examine the incidence of microbial presence on the surface of mammary implants and its correlation with clinical presentation. The significance of microbial presence without signs of overt infection is questioned. Several issues are raised, including whether the presence of micro-organisms may immunize the host, trigger(More)
The effect of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (1,25-(OH)2D3) on proliferation and collagen type I and type III production in cultured human fibroblasts was examined. Previous studies have identified receptors for the vitamin in human dermal fibroblasts, and have suggested the skin to be a target tissue. While many studies examining keratinocyte modulation by(More)