Marek Kłossowski

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Presence of a circannual rhythm of physical fitness and tolerance of hypoxia was demonstrated. The rhythm of physical fitness had two peaks, in April and September. Using cosinor analysis the acrophase of the circannual rhythm was found to be on Aug. 10 with a 95% confidence limit (May 30-October 16), and the amplitude of the rhythm was 1.6 ml O2/kg/min(More)
The reported investigations were carried out on 17 healthy men aged 20-27 years subjected to a 15 minute submaximal exercise on an Elema-Schonander cycle ergometer while breathing ambient air or a helium-oxygen mixture (O2 20% and He 80%). During the exercise test the heart rate was recorded from the ECG tracings, with the respiratory rate and respiratory(More)
The study was carried out on 17 healthy males aged 20-27 years subjected for 15 minutes to submaximal effort on a cycle ergometer (Elema-Schonander) under conditions of breathing ambient atmospheric air or a helium-oxygen mixture (20% O2 + 80% He) and under hypobaric pressure simulating an altitude of 3500 m above sea level. During the experiment the heart(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE This study aimed at investigating the relationship between the lipid index (WS) in the examined cadets and duration of exposure to +Gz in the human centrifuge. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study involved 19 first-year cadets of the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin. Tests in the human centrifuge were repeated twice, i.e. prior to(More)
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