Marek Hlavácek

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This paper describes an application of a neural network approach to SM (standard model) and MSSM (minimal supersymetry standard model) Higgs search in the associated production with . This decay channel is considered as a discovery channel for Higgs scenarios for Higgs boson masses in the range 80 130 GeV. A neural network model with a special type of data(More)
One of the most significant factors influencing the liquidity of the financial market is the amount of currency in circulation. Although the central bank is responsible for the distribution of the currency it cannot assess the demand for the currency, as that demand is influenced by the non-banking sector. Therefore, the amount of currency in circulation(More)
Neural networks with switching units were originally designed for classification tasks. However it was also shown that simple neural networks with switching units are capable to predict seasonal time series with results comparable to common stochastic methods. This paper presents enhanced model of neural network with switching units with aim to improve the(More)
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