Marek Gorgon

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The article presents a pipeline implementation of the block cipher CLEFIA. The article examines three known methods of implementing a single encryption round and proposes a new fourth method. The article proposes the implementation of a key scheduler, which is highly compatible with pipeline encryption. The article contains a detailed analysis of the data(More)
Object detection and localization in a video stream is an important requirement for almost all vision systems. In the article a design embedded into a reconfigurable device which is using the Histogram of Oriented Gradients for feature extraction and SVM classification for detecting multiple objects is presented. Superior accuracy is achieved by making all(More)
In the paper the implementation of classical label component algorithm in Handel-C language has been discussed. The implementation of the image segmentation stage has been realized in real-time in the pipeline structure. The process of construction of optimal implementation has been shown, including the algorithm parallelization on one hand and taking(More)
Video surveillance systems are becoming very common nowadays. Cameras installed in many places are exposed to sabotage or tampering. This can be done by covering the camera lens, changing the focus of the camera lens or changing the camera position to prevent proper registration of the surveilled area. This paper describes a hardware implementation of a(More)
The processing of a high-definition video stream in real-time is a challenging task for embedded systems. However, modern FPGA devices have both a high operating frequency and sufficient logic resources to be successfully used in these tasks. In this article, an advanced system that is able to generate and maintain a complex background model for a scene as(More)
This article presents an efficient hardware implementation of the Horn-Schunck algorithm that can be used in an embedded optical flow sensor. An architecture is proposed, that realises the iterative Horn-Schunck algorithm in a pipelined manner. This modification allows to achieve data throughput of 175 MPixels/s and makes processing of Full HD video stream(More)
Pedestrian detection is an important feature in an advanced, automated video surveillance system. Unfortunately in most situations cameras are mounted in a way that, due to perspective, walking humans are occluded by each other or stationary objects and detecting a whole silhouette is not possible. But heads and shoulders are not occluded in most cases and(More)
In the present paper the background generation and motion detection algorithms, which are of key importance for the implementation of videodetection, have been presented. A modification of the background generation algorithm, essential for proper algorithm functioning at medium and high road-traffic conditions, has been proposed. Algorithm adaptation for(More)