Marek Glezerman

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BACKGROUND Ovarian cancer, the leading cause of gynecologic cancer deaths, is usually diagnosed in advanced stages. Prognosis relates to stage at diagnosis and sensitivity to platinum based chemotherapy. We aimed to assess the expression of microRNAs in ovarian tumors and identify microRNA expression patterns that are associated with outcome, response to(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine whether human preterm birth is associated with changes in 17 beta-estradiol and progesterone concentrations in maternal plasma and amniotic fluid. STUDY DESIGN Forty healthy women in preterm labor with singleton pregnancies and intact membranes at 32 to 36 weeks of gestation who underwent amniocentesis(More)
OBJECTIVE To present our experience with clinical and sonographic diagnosis of retained products of conception and to evaluate its correlation with histopathologic findings. METHODS This was a retrospective study on 156 patients admitted for retained products of conception. Women were referred because of 1 or more of the following: abdominal pain,(More)
The cases of two patients with epithelial ovarian carcinoma who had been treated with surgery and cisplatin-containing combination chemotherapy and had developed brain metastases are described. Modern protocols for management of advanced-stage epithelial ovarian carcinoma have resulted in prolonging the lives of the patients sufficiently for central nervous(More)
Interstitial pregnancy is among the most dangerous types of ectopic pregnancy. Four such pregnancies in three women were treated by three conservative modalities with favorable results. A 10-week interstitial pregnancy was successfully treated by laparoscopic-guided local methotrexate (MTX) injection into the gestational sac. Six years later the same woman(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the association between fetal sex and pregnancy outcome in dichorionic twin pregnancies and the effect of male and female fetuses on their opposite-sex co-twin. METHODS This was a retrospective study of all dichorionic twin pregnancies at a tertiary hospital from 1995 to 2006. Pregnancies were classified into three groups according(More)
With the aim of establishing a standard range of birthweights at different gestational ages for Jewish and Bedouin populations, we analyzed 5.5 years of computerized delivery files. Strictly confirmed gestational age was required in this study. This is necessary for proper diagnosis of growth abnormalities, such as growth retardation and macrosomia, for(More)
Israeli Jewish women are at low risk for cancer of the uterine cervix. In view of absent screening programs in Israel, there are only scarce data available with regard to results of PAP smears. The aim of this study was to assess the incidence of premalignant cervical lesions in the largest sample of PAP smears reported so far from Israel. We(More)
Maturation arrest of human oocytes may occur at various stages of the cell cycle. A total failure of human oocytes to complete meiosis is rarely observed during assisted conception cycles. We describe here a case series of infertile couples for whom all oocytes repeatedly failed to mature during IVF/ICSI. Eight couples, all presenting with unexplained(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To assess the feasibility and safety of laparoscopic surgery in treatment of ectopic pregnancy in hemodynamically unstable women. DESIGN Three-year observational study (Canadian Task Force classification II-2). SETTING Tertiary university hospital. PATIENTS One hundred one women with ectopic pregnancy who underwent laparoscopic(More)