Marek Giergiczny

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This paper shows a contingent valuation exercise of pollution abatement in remote lakes. In addition to estimating the usual interval data model, it applies a point and interval statistical approach allowing for uncensored data, left-censored data, right-censored data and left- and right-censored data to explore the determinants of willingness-to-pay in a(More)
Aim of study: We aim at (i) developing a reference definition of mixed forests in order to harmonize comparative research in mixed forests and (ii) briefly review the research perspectives in mixed forests. Area of study: The definition is developed in Europe but can be tested worldwide. Material and methods: Review of existent definitions of mixed forests(More)
This paper reports a choice experiment used to estimate the value of street trees in the city center of Lodz, Poland, and the broader context of how valuation results helped to improve governance of urban ecosystem services in this city. Based on a simplified inventory of trees, we prepared a set of hypothetical programs which put varying emphasis on the(More)
The assumption of the stability of preferences is a fundamental one in the theory of the consumer. Many papers within the stated preferences literature have tested this assumption, and have found mixed results. Individuals may become more sure of their preferences as they repeat a valuation task or purchase decision; they may also learn more about prices(More)
We started the project by selecting the movies on which our subjects were to place a value. We picked 30 movies produced after 1990 from the “TOP 250” list posted by a leading website ( with the duration of each movie being between 100 and 125 minutes. We developed a web-based pilot survey showing the title, genre, year of premiere, short(More)
This paper reports on a laboratory experiment aimed at investigating factors affecting choice between different versions of a full-length movie. In particular, we are able to pin down the willingness to pay for a legal, rather than pirated, copy and compare it to the impact of such characteristics as picture quality or delay in delivery. We find a modest(More)
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