Marek Dziubinski

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Blind separation of musical sounds contained in sound mixtures is a challenging and difficult task. It is due to the fact that in Western music, mixed harmonic sources may be correlated with each other, i.e. their harmonic partials might be overlapping in the frequency domain if the signals remain in harmonic relation. Evaluation of the separation results(More)
This article presents a new approach to ambulatory arrhythmia monitoring, one which can be viewed as a natural evolution of the existing non-invasive methods for diagnosing heart rhythm abnormalities. This new method combines the real-time capabilities of modern mobile cardiovascular telemetry systems with a quantitative way of reporting measured findings(More)
The engineered algorithms are presented for the detection of parasitic frequency modulation in audio originating from irregularities of sound carrier velocity. The algorithms were developed with special regard to non-periodic frequency modulation effects found in old movie sound tracks. The proposed algorithms consider the influence of the wow disturbance(More)
The paper proposes a fractional generalization of the Maxwell and Kelvin-Voigt rheological models for a description of dynamic behavior of biopolymer materials. It was found that the rheological models of Maxwell-type do not work in the case of modeling of viscoelastic solids, and the model which significantly better describes the nature of changes in(More)
This paper presents numerical and experimental analysis of the hydrodynamic flow focusing in a rectangular microchannel. Aim of the study is to improve performance of the Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) technique applied to micro-scale flow analysis. The symmetric flow focusing system of two channels crossed at right angle is investigated. The numerical(More)
The Unpredictability Measure computation algorithm applied to psychoacoustic model-based broadband noise attenuation is discussed. A learning decision algorithm based on a neural network is employed for determining audio signal useful components acting as maskers of the spectral components classified as noise. An iterative algorithm for calculating the(More)
This research study analysed the rheological properties of potato amylose and potato amylopectin in binary solutions of the following water and dimethyl sulfoxide concentrations: 90% DMSO (1), 80% DMSO (2) and 50% DMSO (3), with preparation methodology involving the dissolution at the temperature of 98°C. The studies of dynamic light scattering on the(More)