Marek Bukácek

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A simple experiment of non-panic evacuation of single rootn with one exit was organized and analyzed frotn the microscopic point of view. The rule-based CA based on Floot-Field tnodel is presented to support the experiment. Sevetal ideas of decislon-tnaking allowing the individual to choose ati occupied cell are itnpletnetited to reflect observed behavior(More)
The transition between low and high density phases is a typical feature of systems with social interactions. This contribution focuses on simple evacuation design of one room with one entrance and one exit; four passing-through experiments were organized and evaluated by means of automatic image processing. The phase of the system, determined by travel time(More)
This contribution introduces an element of “aggressiveness” into the Floor-Field based model with adaptive time-span. The aggressiveness is understood as an ability to win conflicts and push through the crowd. From experiments it is observed that this ability is not directly correlated with the desired velocity in the free flow regime. The influence of the(More)
The influence of agents heterogeneity on the microscopic characteristics of pedestrian flow is studied via an evacuation simulation tool based on the Floor-Field model. The heterogeneity is introduced in agents velocity, aggressiveness, and sensitivity to occupation. The simulation results are compared to data gathered during an original experiment. The(More)
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