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Machinery diagnostic systems have been strongly emerged in the latest years. With machine technology development more and more measurement data became available via standard PC communication channels. Modern software systems evolve from closed and specialized for given application domain to easily configurable frameworks, allowing for data interchanging(More)
Next generation solutions for the plant maintenance must be flexible, self maintaining self configuring, robust and, in general must follow the latest trends of the internet revolution. To achieve this vision, next generation plant maintenance rules technology has been chosen and successfully applied to the continuous monitoring solution. In this paper we(More)
The most important element of industrial software development is the creation of a common vocabulary of terms for exchanging information between software and industrial engineers. Based on this cooperation, technical domain knowledge is converted into data structures, algorithms and rules. Currently, when people are used to receiving short and quick(More)
In this paper a graphical approach for Condition Monitoring Systems (CM) based on Model Driven Architecture is presented; in particular, the software application “Smart Monitoring Agent” or SMA. This graphical approach starts from the idea of modeling, applying and visualizing non-hierarchical relations. The presented method makes use of(More)
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