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Human and animal diet reconstruction studies that rely on tissue chemical signatures aim at providing estimates on the relative intake of potential food groups. However, several sources of uncertainty need to be considered when handling data. Bayesian mixing models provide a natural platform to handle diverse sources of uncertainty while allowing the user(More)
We used cytogenetic analysis to carry out a cohort study in which the major objective was to test the association between frequency of chromosomal aberrations and subsequent risk of cancer. In spite of the extensive use of the cytogenetic analysis of human peripheral blood lymphocytes in biomonitoring of exposure to various mutagens and carcinogens on an(More)
BACKGROUND Infection plays a role in the pathogenesis of many human malignancies. Whether prostate cancer (PCa) - an important health issue in the aging male population in the Western world - belongs to these conditions has been a matter of research since the 1970 s. Persistent serum antibodies are a proof of present or past infection. The aim of this study(More)
Occupational asthma is characterised by airway inflammation, variable airflow limitation and airway hyperresponsiveness related causally to work. The aim of the study was to ascertain whether in patients with occupational asthma findings persist after withdrawal from occupational allergen exposure. A group of 37 patients with occupational asthma and a(More)
An importance of the edge effect and other environmental factors on bryophyte communities has been repeatedly evaluated in boreal forests whereas only rarely in forest remnants in traditionally inhabited landscape of central Europe. Adopting the design of a previous study dealing with vascular plants, we examined whether species richness and composition of(More)
BACKGROUND Under current European Union legislation, two severe hypoglycemic events within 12 months is grounds for driving license withdrawal. The aim of the study reported here was to determine whether fear of such a withdrawal could lead to patients concealing severe hypoglycemia from physicians, which could negatively impact further treatment decisions.(More)
Macrofungal species richness generally increases with forest continuity as does the richness of so-called ancient forest plant species (AFS). Based on this assumption, we examined the ability of AFS to indicate macrofungal diversity in six study areas covering a range of elevations and environments in the Czech Republic. In total, we used data from 106(More)
Aphid populations show periodic fluctuations and many causes are attributed to their dynamic. We investigated the regulation by temperature of the aphid populations composed of Metopolophium dirhodum, Sitobion avenae, and Rhopalosiphum padi on winter wheat using a 24 years long time series data. We computed the sum of daily temperatures above 5 °C, the(More)
Resistance of tumours to taxanes causes chemotherapy failure in numerous patients. Resistance is partly due to the low tumour uptake of taxanes and their rapid metabolism. Structural modifications of taxanes can reduce their P-glycoprotein-related efflux or decrease metabolism and consequently increase taxane efficiency. This study compared cytotoxicity and(More)
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