Marek Brabec

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Infection plays a role in the pathogenesis of many human malignancies. Whether prostate cancer (PCa) - an important health issue in the aging male population in the Western world - belongs to these conditions has been a matter of research since the 1970 s. Persistent serum antibodies are a proof of present or past infection. The aim of this study was to(More)
The trend of increasing height can be interpreted as a reflection of the unfolding progress of civilization. Height changes among children and adolescents are good markers of this trend. We analyze the secular trend in the heights of children and adolescents in the Czech Republic on the basis of data from anthropological surveys. The earliest height data(More)
The Czech Republic has undergone rapid political, social, and economic transformation since the late 1980s. While obesity rates among children and adolescents in the Czech Republic have been previously relatively low, this has changed in recent years. Across the past 50 years, body weight, body mass index (BMI)-for-age, and adiposity rebound (AR) (the time(More)
We used cytogenetic analysis to carry out a cohort study in which the major objective was to test the association between frequency of chromosomal aberrations and subsequent risk of cancer. In spite of the extensive use of the cytogenetic analysis of human peripheral blood lymphocytes in biomonitoring of exposure to various mutagens and carcinogens on an(More)
Researchers have shown interest in the relation between (a) social capital and individual income and (b) the individual health of people of industrial nations. The socioeconomic complexity of industrial nations makes it difficult to arrive at firm conclusions. We circumvent the obstacle by using data from a small-scale rural society of foragers-farmers in(More)
OBJECTIVES The study focused on the effect of pleural lesions on the lung function of asbestos-exposed workers. METHODS A clinical check-up, chest radiography, high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT), and lung function testing were performed on 162 asbestos-exposed workers without any sign of parenchymal fibrosis on their chest radiographs. According(More)
BACKGROUND The trend in the body mass index (BMI) values of the US population has not been estimated accurately because the time series data are unavailable and the focus has been on calculating period effects. OBJECTIVES To estimate the trend and rate of change of BMI values by birth cohorts stratified by gender and ethnicity born 1882-1986. METHODS We(More)
We estimate trends in BMI values by deciles of the US adult population by birth cohorts 1882-1986 stratified by ethnicity and gender. The highest decile increased by some 18-22 BMI units in the course of the century while the lowest ones increased by merely 1-3 BMI units. For example, a typical African American woman in the 10th percentile and 64 in. (162.6(More)
The aim of our study was to obtain data on the exposure of breast-fed infants to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and selected organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in different urban areas of the Czech Republic. The PCB and OCP levels were determined in 90 human milk samples collected in seven urban areas in 1999-2000 according to the WHO protocol. The(More)
Human and animal diet reconstruction studies that rely on tissue chemical signatures aim at providing estimates on the relative intake of potential food groups. However, several sources of uncertainty need to be considered when handling data. Bayesian mixing models provide a natural platform to handle diverse sources of uncertainty while allowing the user(More)