Marek Adamek

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BACKGROUND To assess the analgesic efficacy and side effects of buprenorphine and procaine in patients with acute pancreatitis. METHODS Forty patients (average age, 50 years; 23 male) with acute pancreatitis or an acute bout of a chronic pancreatitis were prospectively randomized to receive buprenorphine or procaine for pain relief. Both analgesics were(More)
BACKGROUND Intrahepatic lithiasis still is a complicated disease and merits special attention during therapeutic intervention. Although resection of the affected liver lobe or segment is the best therapeutic option to completely remove the source of recurrent infection, the need for endoscopic treatment modalities is evident because hepatic resections are(More)
The authors summarize literary data on contemporary knowledge and development of views regarding lymphadenectomy in breast cancer. They deal also with the history and technique of detection of a sentinel node by Patentblau and radioisotope 99mTc. In a group of 29 patients operated in 1998-1999 with a detected sentinel node they analyze the surgical(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS The use of endoscopic therapy in combination with lithotripsy techniques has become increasingly common in patients with complicated common bile duct stones. In many units, although this is controversial, cholecystectomy is then performed, because of possible subsequent cholecystitis and recurrence of choledocholithiasis. The aim(More)
The authors made one thousand thyroidectomies in the course of five years. In the submitted paper they discuss indications, for surgery, the extent of the operations, the results of the histological findings. They describe the surgical procedure, required preoperative examinations and postoperative monitoring. They analyze different postoperative(More)
Blunt injury of the carotid artery is uncommon but serious injury with high mortality and morbidity. The symptomatology may be inconspicuous, in other case a neurological deficit is present. The cause is mainly head hyperexstension and rotation, basal scull fracture, compression, blunt stroke. The diagnosis is usually confirmed by CT scan, CT angiography,(More)
AIM Most patients with pancreatic duct stones have been treated with lithotripters that use x-ray for stone targeting. We wanted to evaluate ultrasound guided lithotripsy in clinical use. METHODS In a prospective clinical study 80 patients (62 men) with symptomatic obstructive chronic pancreatitis were treated with a piezoelectric lithotripter under(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of the study was to report long-term results of treatment of patients with congenital penile curvature (CPC) with a new corporoplasty based on stratified structure of tunica albuginea, in which corporal bodies are not opened. MATERIAL AND METHODS From October 2006 to September 2013, the authors operated on 111 adult men with CPC.(More)