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Rhamnolipids are naturally occurring biosurfactants with a wide range of potential commercial applications. As naturally derived products they present an ecological alternative to synthetic surfactants. The majority of described rhamnolipid productions are single strain Pseudomonas spp. cultivations. Here we report rhamnolipids producing bacteria(More)
Organochlorinated pesticides were widely applied in Armenia until the 1980s, like in all former Soviet Union republics. Subsequently, the problem of areas contaminated by organochlorinated pesticides emerged. Environmental, waste and food samples at one pesticide burial site (Nubarashen) and three former pesticide storage sites (Jrarat, Echmiadzin and(More)
This study deals with the treatment of hazardous waste landfill leachate with the help of reverse osmosis. The landfill is located in an abandoned brown coal pit in northern Bohemia. The leachate contained 7.2 g/L of dissolved inorganic salts. Among other contaminants were heavy metals, arsenic, ammonia nitrogen and associated organic pollutants, especially(More)
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