Mareike Strunk

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Regulation of growth cone and cell motility involves the coordinated control of F-actin dynamics. An important regulator of F-actin formation is the Arp2/3 complex, which in turn is activated by Wasp and Wave. A complex comprising Kette/Nap1, Sra-1/Pir121/CYFIP, Abi and HSPC300 modulates the activity of Wave and Wasp. We present the characterization of(More)
Throughout development cell-cell interactions are of pivotal importance. Cells bind to each other or share information via secreted signaling molecules. To a large degree, these processes are modulated by post-translational modifications of membrane proteins. Glycan-chains are frequently added to membrane proteins and assist their exact function at the cell(More)
Mutation of the BRCA1 gene in well-defined breast cancer families has been associated with an 87% lifetime risk for breast cancer and a 44% risk for ovarian cancer. Recent data indicate that the risk associated with these mutations is considerably lower, although still far greater than the risk for disease in the rest of the population. Approximately 81% of(More)
AIMS This study examines whether individual differences in impulsivity and emotional problems in adolescent smokers are related to initial smoking characteristics of participants, acceptance, retention and outcome of a school-based smoking cessation program. DESIGN The data was obtained from a feasibility study of a youth-specific, cognitive-behavioral(More)
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