Mareike Schmid

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Electronic ballasts are necessary to use light emitting diodes (LEDs) for illuminating purposes powered from the mains. As a consequence this paper shows an examination of two white LEDs considering the resulting losses in luminous efficiency if the LEDs will be driven with different current waveforms as they typically occur in switch-mode power supplies.(More)
The notion of a mental time-line (i.e., past corresponds to left and future corresponds to right) supports the conceptual metaphor view assuming that abstract concepts like “time” are grounded in cognitively more accessible concepts like “space.” In five experiments, we further investigated the relationship between temporal and spatial representations and(More)
This paper investigates a DSP-platform for the purpose to control a switch mode power supply digitally. As the PWM module and the A/D-converter are the interfaces of the digital controller to the analog power supply, both modules will be examined with regard to their performance but also to possible sources of errors. As occurring delay times in the digital(More)
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