Mareike Przysucha

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BACKGROUND Clinical handovers at changes of shifts are typical scenarios of time restricted and information intensive communication, which are highly cognitively demanding. The currently available applications supporting handovers typically present complex information in a textual checklist-like manner. This presentation style has been criticised for not(More)
Innovations are typically characterised by their relative newness for the user. In order for new eHealth applications to be accepted as innovations more criteria were proposed including "use" and "usability". The handoverEHR is a new approach that allows the user to translate the essentials of a clinical case into a graphical representation, the so-called(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether standard Big Data mining methods lead to clinically useful results. An association analysis was performed using the apriori algorithm to discover associations among co-morbidities of diabetes patients. Selected data were further analyzed by using k-means clustering with age, long-term blood sugar and(More)
Patient handovers are cognitively demanding, crucial for information continuity and patient safety, but error prone. This study investigated the effect of an electronic handover tool, i.e. the handoverEHR, on the memory and care planning performance of nurse students (n=32) in a randomised, controlled cross-over design with the factors handover task and(More)
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