Mareike Hofmann

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BACKGROUND Findings about the prospective long-term course of depression are usually derived from clinical populations while knowledge about the course in community and primary care samples is rarer. As depressive disorders are highly prevalent and associated with considerable disability and costs, this information is needed to identify the percentages of(More)
BACKGROUND With a lifetime prevalence of 8% posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common mental disorders; nevertheless, its longitudinal course is largely unknown. AIMS Our aim was to conduct a systematic review summarizing available findings on the prospective, naturalistic long-term course of PTSD and its predictors. METHODS(More)
The X-linked PIG-A gene is involved in the biosynthesis of the cell surface anchor GPI, and its inactivation may serve as a new marker for mutagenicity. The in vivo PIG-A gene mutation assay is currently being validated by several groups. In this study, we established a corresponding in vitro variant of the PIG-A assay applying B-lymphoblastoid TK6 cells.(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify the impact of depression measured by self-reports and depression measured by clinical interview on all-cause mortality in individuals with diabetes and to analyze the strength of both associations, the influence of covariates, and possible differences between studies assessing self-rated depressive symptoms and those using a clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is the most common mental disorder. Effective psychotherapeutic treatments for depression exist; however, data on their long-term effectiveness beyond a time span of two years is still scarce. Our aim was to perform a meta-analysis, investigating (a) overall rates of relapse more than two years after psychotherapy (meta-analysis 1),(More)
While we know that social anxiety disorder (SAD) is today's most common anxiety disorder knowledge on its prospective long-term course is sparse. We conducted a systematic literature search using databases Medline and PsycINFO for naturalistic and psychotherapy outcome studies with follow-up durations of at least 24 months. Four naturalistic cohorts and(More)
OBJECTIVES At the centre of the study lay a representation of outpatient psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic care with a focus on different groups of medical and psychological therapists. METHODS The routine data of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) from the year 2008 were analyzed based on a systematic literature(More)
Clark and Wells (1995) proposed that cognitive variables and safety behaviors are related to social performance in social anxiety disorder (SAD). Here, we tested this relationship by concurrent assessment of cognitive, behavioral, and physiological variables and social performance in a prototypical social interaction situation. 103 participants with SAD and(More)
The quality of medical and psychological certificates and expert opinions in asylum and residence legislation was analyzed using judicial requirements as well as standards of the German Bundesärztekammer (SBPM). A sample of 53 cases of asylum seekers including 86 medical certificates and 15 expert opinions was evaluated qualitative and quantitative. The(More)
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