Mareike Esser

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The multilocus Moran model with recombination is considered, which describes the evolution of the genetic composition of a population under recombination and resampling. We investigate a marginal ancestral recombination process, where each site is sampled only in one individual and we do not make any scaling assumptions in the first place. Following the(More)
We consider a fragmentation process that describes a specific way of successively removing objects from a linear arrangement. The process is a Markov chain, which is formulated in both a continuous-time and a discrete-time version. We aim at the law of the process over time. To this end, we investigate sets of realisations of this process that agree with(More)
6. and 7. November 2014 Mareike Esser and Sebastian Probst: Duality between the Moran Model with recombination and a marginalised ARG Abstract: Due to the huge state space, it is notoriously difficult to find the full distribution of types in a sample that undergoes recombination. If in addition the recombination rate is large, the usual diffusion limit(More)
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