Marei Warnecke

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The orphan nuclear receptor Ear2 (Nr2f6) is transiently expressed in the rostral part of the rhombic lip in which the locus coeruleus (LC) arises. LC development, regulated by a signaling cascade (Mash1 --> Phox2b --> Phox2a), is disrupted in Ear2-/- embryos as revealed by an approximately threefold reduction in the number of Phox2a- and Phox2b-expressing(More)
Automated in situ hybridization enables the construction of comprehensive atlases of gene expression patterns in mammals. Such atlases can become Web-searchable digital expression maps of individual genes and thus offer an entryway to elucidate genetic interactions and signaling pathways. Towards this end, an atlas housing approximately 1,000 spatial gene(More)
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