Marden S. Neubert

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We present three distributed algorithms to build global inverted files for very large text collections. The distributed environment we use is a high bandwidth network of workstations with a shared-nothing memory organization. The text collection is assumed to be evenly distributed among the disks of the various workstations. Our algorithms consider that the(More)
Inverted index compression, block addressing and sequential search on compressed text are three techniques that have been separately developed for efficient, low-overhead text retrieval. Modern text compression techniques can reduce the text to less than 30% of its size and allow searching it directly and faster than the uncompressed text. Inverted index(More)
In this article, we present a study about classification methods for large-scale categorization of product offers on e-shopping web sites. We present a study about the performance of previously proposed approaches and deployed a probabilistic approach to model the classification problem. We also studied an alternative way of modeling information about the(More)
On the web of today the most prevalent solution for users to interact with data-intensive applications is the use of form-based interfaces composed by several data input fields, such as text boxes, radio buttons, pull-down lists, check boxes, etc. Although these interfaces are popular and effective, in many cases, free text interfaces are preferred over(More)
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