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Direct measurements of longitudinal (d/sub 33/) and transverse (d/sub 31/) coefficients have been made on single crystal 0.68Pb(Mg/sub 1/3/Nb/sub 2/3/)O/sub 3/-0.32PbTiO/sub 3/ (PMN-32PT) and 0.955Pb(Zn/sub 1/3/Nb/sub 2/3/)O/sub 3/-0.045PbTiO/sub 3/ (PZN-4.5PT), poled along the [001]/sub C/ direction (C: pseudocubic). The measurements were made in a(More)
The importance of a high shear coefficient d<sub>15</sub> to the piezoelectric properties of domain-engineered perovskite crystals is discussed. The terms "rotator" and "extender" are introduced to differentiate the contrasting behaviors of 4mm BaTiO<sub>3</sub> and PbTiO<sub>3</sub>. In "rotator" ferroelectrics, where d<sub>15</sub> is high, polarization(More)
Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.), tall fescue [Lolium arundinaceum (Schreb.)], and reed canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) are known for high biomass productivity and for various traits that make these species more suitable for marginal environmental growing conditions. The goal of this study was to evaluate the impact of organic vs. inorganic(More)
[1] Morainal banks are primary features at the margins of advancing and stable to quasi-stable temperate tidewater glaciers, yet their roles in glacier dynamics and terminus stability are poorly defined by submarine observations. Analysis of new and archival multibeam data and Landsat images of the advancing Hubbard Glacier, southeast Alaska, reveal that(More)
Organic fertilizers can improve soil health while providing nutrients for perennial grass growth for bioenergy feedstock, particularly under marginal soil conditions. The impact of organic fertilizer application on perennial grass composition needs clarification. Our objective was to evaluate feedstock composition, and N, P, and K dynamics of switchgrass(More)
The pyroelectric coefficients of 0.72Pb(Mg/sub 1/3/Nb/sub 2/3/)O/sub 3/-0.28PbTiO/sub 3/ (PMN-28PT), 0.67Pb(Mg/sub 1/3/Nb/sub 2/3/)O/sub 3/-0.33PbTiO/sub 3/ (PMN-33PT) and 0.92Pb(Zn/sub 1/3/Nb/sub 2/3/)O/sub 3/-0.08PbTiO/sub 3/ (PZN-8PT) single crystals, oriented and poled along the [001]/sub c/, [101]/sub c/ and [111]/sub c/ directions (C: pseudocubic)(More)
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