Marcus van Ginkel

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There are large agricultural areas in the world where wheat yields are limited by low phosphorus (P) availability. Breeding for P uptake and P utilization efficiency may reduce this problem. This study was conducted to determine the contribution of P uptake and utilization efficiency to grain yield of selected spring wheat genotypes in different(More)
Sensory systems are faced with an essentially infinite number of possible environmental events but have limited processing resources. Posed with this challenge, it makes sense to allocate these resources to prioritize the discrimination of events with the most behavioral relevance. Here, we asked if such relevance is reflected in the processing and(More)
Aluminum (Al) has been observed to cause neurofilament protein accumulation in both experimental animals and cultured cells. Impairment of axonal transport is thought to be a mechanism of toxicity. Inhibition of the degradation of neurofilament proteins, however, resulting in accumulation of these proteins may be an alternative mechanism for Al toxicity. In(More)
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