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It had been assumed that production of the cytotoxic polyketide mycolactone was strictly associated with Mycobacterium ulcerans, the causative agent of Buruli ulcer. However, a recent study has uncovered a broader distribution of mycolactone-producing mycobacteria (MPM) that includes mycobacteria cultured from diseased fish and frogs in the United States(More)
Applications such as sensor networks and medical monitoring often require ADCs that can digitize signals with varying bandwidth and dynamic range requirements. In energy-constrained systems, it is beneficial to adapt the ADC performance to the signal to avoid consuming power on unnecessary bandwidth or accuracy. Therefore, this paper presents a single(More)
A power-scalable SAR ADC for sensor applications is presented. The ADC features a reconfigurable 5-to-10-bit DAC whose power scales exponentially with resolution. At low resolutions where noise and linearity requirements are reduced, supply voltage scaling is leveraged to further reduce the energy-per-conversion. The ADC operates up to 2 MS/s at 1 V and 5(More)
A compact, low-power, digitally-assisted sensor interface for biomedical applications is presented. It exploits oversampling and mixed-signal feedback to reduce system area and power, while making the system more robust to interferers. Antialiasing is achieved using a charge-sampling filter with a sinc frequency response and programmable gain. A(More)
Mycolactones are immunosuppressive and cytotoxic polyketides, comprising five naturally occurring structural variants (named A/B, C, D, E and F), produced by different species of very closely related mycobacteria including the human pathogen, Mycobacterium ulcerans. In M. ulcerans strain Agy99, mycolactone A/B is produced by three highly homologous type I(More)
A system-on-chip for an invisible, fully-implantable cochlear implant is presented. Implantable acoustic sensing is achieved by interfacing the SoC to a piezoelectric sensor that detects the sound-induced motion of the middle ear. Measurements from human cadaveric ears demonstrate that the sensor can detect sounds between 40 and 90 dB SPL over the speech(More)
Pressure ulcers are painful sores that arise from prolonged exposure to high pressure points, which restricts blood flow and leads to tissue necrosis. This is a common occurrence among patients with impaired mobility, diabetics and the elderly. In this work, a flexible pressure monitoring system for pressure ulcer prevention has been developed. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether patients with normal preoperative renal function, but who possess medical risk factors for chronic kidney disease (CKD), experience poorer renal function after partial nephrectomy (PN) for renal cell carcinoma (RCC) compared with those without risk factors. PATIENTS AND METHODS The effects of age, hypertension (HTN) and(More)
This paper presents a mixed-signal ECG front-end that uses aggressive voltage scaling to maximize power-efficiency and facilitate integration with low-voltage DSPs. 50/60Hz interference is canceled using mixed-signal feedback, enabling ultralow-voltage operation by reducing dynamic range requirements. Analog circuits are optimized for ultra-low-voltage, and(More)
Increasing number of energy-limited applications continue to drive the demand for designing systems with high energy efficiency. This tutorial covers the main building blocks of a system implementation including digital logic, embedded memories, and analog-to-digital converters and describes the challenges and solutions to designing these blocks for(More)