Marcus Wolter

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The space-occupying effect of cerebral edema limits survival chances of patients with severe ischemic stroke. Besides conventional therapies to reduce intracranial pressure, hemicraniectomy can be considered as a therapeutic option after space-occupying cerebral infarction. There is controversy regarding the use of this method in(More)
Endocarditis caused by lactobacilli is very rare and so far has been rarely published in adults with cardiac valve diseases especially after dental manipulations. Because of diagnostic and therapeutical problems we hereby report on one case of a female adolescent with Down's syndrome who did not undergo surgical correction of atrioventricular septal defect(More)
In addition to the 19 cases of neuromytonia syndrome previously published, one further observation by the author is presented. The symptoms for neuromyotonia are an involuntary tensing of the musculature with impairment of movement, fasciculation and myokymia as well as specific electromyographic criteria. These symptoms are causes by a functional(More)
INTRODUCTION Perianal abcess and fistula-in-ano are particular when happening in infants of less than 1 year of age. A congenital abnormality of crypts of Morgagni may be at the origin of the disease. There is no evidence for predisposing condition at this age. CASE REPORT A 7-week-old boy had a painful swollen perianal lesion suggesting the presence of(More)
BACKGROUND Intravascular lymphoma is a rare disease with usually fatal outcome, characterized by the proliferation within the lumen of small blood vessels of neoplastic large lymphoid cells of B-cell origin. We report a case of intravascular lymphoma revealed by diffuse telangiectasia and cauda equina syndrome. CASE REPORT A 64-year-old Vietnamese woman(More)
A female patient presenting with B-CLL and coincident eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS) after ingestion of L-tryptophan is described. The manifestations of EMS disappeared completely during treatment with cyclophosphamide/prednisone. and there was an intermittent clinical remission of CLL with absence of the monoclonal B-cell population. A few years(More)
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