Marcus Wegner

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Starting from differently substituted boronic acids as versatile building block, new "ortho-aryl" alpha-diimine ligands a-h were synthesized in an easy, high-yielding route. Reaction of the complex precursor diacetylacetonato-nickel(II) with a trityl salt, like [CPh3] [B(C6F5)4] or [CPh3] [SbCl6], in the presence of the diimine ligands afford the(More)
The isotope Ho is in manyways the best candidate to perform experiments to investigate the value of the electron neutrinomass. It undergoes an electron capture process to Dywith an energy available to the decay, QEC, of about 2.8 keV. According to the present knowledge, this is the lowestQEC value for such transitions. Herewe discuss a newly obtained(More)
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