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Two new species of Diaphorocleidus and one new species of Rhinoxenoides n. gen. are described from the gills of Acestrorhynchus falcatus (Bloch) from rivers of north-eastern Pará, Brazil.(More)
Acleotrema Johnston & Tiegs, 1922 is resurrected and its diagnosis amended. A. girellae Johnston & Tiegs, 1922 is redescribed based on the lectotype from the Australian Museum (Sydney, Australia). A.(More)
The present study is an integrative taxonomic analysis of Pavanelliella spp. (Monogenoidea, Dactylogyridae), and describes a new species from the nasal cavities of the Amazonian pimelodid catfish(More)
Five new species of Potamotrygonocotyle (Monocotylidae) are described and Paraheteronchocotyle amazonense Mayes, Brooks et Thorson, 1981 (Hexabothriidae) is redescribed from monogenoideans collected(More)
Whittingtonocotyle n. gen. is proposed for species with a male copulatory organ sclerotized, spiral, clockwise, non-articulated to the accessory piece; prostatic reservoir separated into two/three(More)