Marcus Tullius Cicero

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A significant part of current Internet attacks originates from hosts that are distributed all over the Internet. However, there is evidence that most of these hosts are, in fact, concentrated in certain parts of the Internet. This behavior resembles the crime distribution in the real world: it occurs in most places, but it tends to be concentrated in(More)
In this study we have investigated the ability of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) to suppress binding and phagocytosis of erythrocytes via various receptors on mouse macrophages. Thioglycollate-elicited peritoneal macrophages were treated in vitro with LPS and the ability to bind and phagocytose radiolabeled sheep red blood cells was determined. We show that LPS(More)
1 We used antagonists of cGMP-phosphodiesterases to examine the role of cGMP for light-scattering oscillations and cAMP-induced Ca-influx in Dictyostelium discoideum, however, SCH 51866 (SP) and Sildenafil citrate were poor inhibitors of cGMP-hydrolysis. 2 Instead, SP (IC50=16 μM) and Sildenafil blocked chemoattractant (cAMP) induced Ca -influx as(More)
We introduce F-ALCI, a federated version of the description logic ALCI. An F-ALCI ontology, like its package-based counterpart ALCIP−, consists of multiple ALCI ontologies that can import concepts or roles defined in other modules. Unlike ALCIP−, which supports only contextualized negation, F-ALCI, supports contextualization of each of the logical(More)
s of Papers and Posters: 1 December 2002 EU R O P E A N R E G I O N A L M E E T I N G International Psychogeriatric Association in cooperation with the University of Geneva Hospitals University of Geneva School of Medicine Cognition, Behavioral & Social Performances in the Elderly 74899 INPS Rome Programme Cover 4/5/02 8:55 AM Page 3
An experience from the process of adding logical markup to visually tagged scanned data is presented. Method of gradual markup enhancement is outlined. Methods of navigation in a large hypertext document based on typesetting from logical markup are suggested—physical, logical and semantic user views. Their application on a 29 000 page digitization project(More)
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