Marcus Svoboda

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— In this paper we propose three mathematical models for photovoltaic solar panels. The mathematical modeling of photovoltaic solar panels (PVSP) is essential in the analysis of solar power systems operation. The simulations can predict the performance of different configurations of solar energy conversion systems in power, and allow the choice of the(More)
The article includes a review of literature and own studies about hypnosis considered from the point of view of the subject's alertness or non-alertness, his activity or passivity in the hypnotic state. Activity is considered as a construct describing behavioral and experiential dynamics. This includes the general reactivity and the level of spontaneousness(More)
The author presents Czechoslovak normal of the Harvard group scale of hypnability type A. Two different groups of experimental subjects were examined: 1. a sample of 564 secondary school students aged 14-20 years and 2. a group of 642 people attending a course of hypnosis, doctors and psychologists aged 23-57 years (mean age 31.5 years). The mean score of(More)
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