Marcus Stöckel

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• In contrast to mycoheterotrophs that associate with ectomycorrhizal and saprotrophic fungi, we know little about the ecophysiology of arbuscular mycorrhizal mycoheterotrophs. Here, we identify the mycorrhizal fungi of two unrelated mycoheterotrophs and one putative partial mycoheterotroph that form arbuscular mycorrhizas, and analyse their carbon (C) and(More)
Analysis of the prescribing of psychotropic drugs in the psychiatric hospital of the Free University of Berlin revealed a slight decrease in the mean number of prescriptions to our patients over recent years. As a response to intensified psychopharmacological pretreatment the proportion of patients who had initially been treated drug-free (up to the 10th(More)
The psychopathological and somatic symptoms documented by the AMDP-system on the admission of 1654 patients to the Psychiatric Clinics of the Universities in München und 659 patients in Berlin were factor analyzed. Eight factors could be extracted which describe the psychopathology on eight syndrome-scales. These factors could be cross-validated by factor(More)
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