Marcus Scheunemann

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Strategic positioning is a decisive part of the team play within a soccer game. In most solutions the positioning techniques are treated as a constituent of a complete team play strategy. In a comprehensive overview we discuss the team play and positioning methods used within RoboCup and extract the essential requirements for player positioning. In this(More)
The ability to grasp objects of different size and shape is one of the most important skills of a humanoid robot. Human grasping integrates a lot of different senses. In particular, the tactile sensing is very important for a stable grasping motion. When we lift a box without knowing what is inside, we do it carefully using our tactile and proprioceptive(More)
Interacting with humans is one of the main challenges for mobile robots in a human inhabited environment. To enable adaptive behavior, a robot needs to recognize touch gestures and/or the proximity to interacting individuals. Moreover, a robot interacting with two or more humans usually needs to distinguish between them. However, this remains both a(More)
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