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Thirty seven patients with breast hypertrophy were restrospectively reviewed with a mean follow-up of 2 years. Reduction mammoplasty was performed with 3 different pedicles (superior, inferior and both) involving a glandular resection of a least 500 g on each side in all cases. The results were evaluated according to both objective and subjective criteria.(More)
The current international opinion for the treatment of displaced subcondylar fractures has become more aggressive after the rediscovery of the submandibular incision and the creation of new fixation material. We report 19 patients with displaced subcondylar fractures who were treated with reinforced rectangular plates. The pure titanium plates are slightly(More)
Different techniques can be used to repair paralytic labial commissurae. Ideally, microsurgical procedures or dynamic suspension methods can correct kinetic paralysis but in certain patients (elderly subjects, poor general health, precarious postsurgical rehabilitation) such procedures may represent an excessively aggressive procedure. We therefore used(More)
An unexpected finding on histology in a 73 years old patient was an isolated suborbital plexiform neurofibroma. Since this tumor is specific for von Recklinghausen's disease, the diagnosis was that of a minor form of the disease. The different cephalic manifestations of von Recklinghausen's disease are reviewed.
The authors report on 3 cases of facial recurrent sclerosing basal cell carcinomas requiring large ablative cranio facial surgery and reconstruction involving regional or even free flaps. Special emphasis is made on the aggressive behavior of this specific histological form and on the necessity of an early diagnosis, a radical initial treatment and a close(More)
Preservation of buccal cavity relations raises problems when treating extensive defects of lower lip. After a review of anatomical features, several case reports are presented to illustrate the advantages and inconveniences of three interventions for labial reconstruction.
The lateral region of the face is often exposed to trauma and may also be the site of tumor localization. Exeresis may lead to major tissue loss. We report several surgical techniques, from the most simple to more complicated, available for facial repair. Neighboring regions in the frontal or temporal area are used but a submental flap may also be useful.
The recent expansion of surgical treatment for displaced condylar neck fractures should rely on a precise and careful preoperative radiological assessment. Two goals must be achieved. First the diagnosis must be confirmed by usually sufficient conventional imaging. Secondly, all the features of the fracture have to be analysed to come to the surgical(More)
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