Marcus Rössler

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Recent stereological studies documented a severe loss of hippocampal neurons in end-stage Alzheimer's disease. The development of the disease, however, is progressive and slow, over clinically inconspicuous decades. The Braak-staging system distinguishes six histopathological stages some of which are not accompanied by clinical symptoms. We analyzed(More)
Tumors of the spermatic cord are rare. Up to 20% are malignant and usually located in the paratesticular region. We report the rare case of an inguinal fibrolipoma of the spermatic cord with discrepancies between clinical and histopathological findings.
The differential diagnosis of vascular malformations of the upper aero-digestive tract may represent a diagnostic challenge and become a hindrance for therapy planning. The terminus "extracranial vascular anomalies" of the Head and Neck integrates hemangiomas and vascular malformations. The differential diagnosis contains benign and malign neoplasms, naevi,(More)
Two brothers (7 years of age and 8 months respectively) are reported. They both suffered from a combination of severe microcephaly, spastic tetraplegia, clonic epileptic fits, absent abdominal cutaneous reflexes and severe mental retardation. This syndrome shows an X-chromosomal mode of inheritance. Dermatoglyphic patterns were characteristic. There was no(More)
OBJECTIVES Dissection of neck levels I and IIB is time-consuming and can cause comorbidity. This study aimed to determine whether level I and IIB neck dissection was necessary in patients with laryngeal cancer and clinically detectable or nondetectable neck nodes. PATIENTS AND METHODS This was a retrospective review of 73 patients with laryngeal cancer.(More)