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Empirical evidence and the knowledge-that/knowledge-how distinction
In this article I present two recent views on the distinction between knowledge-that and knowledge-how (Stanley and Williamson, The Journal of Philosophy 98(8):411–444, 2001; Hetherington, Epistemology futures, 2006). Expand
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Explaining the theory of mind deficit in autism spectrum disorder
The theory of mind (ToM) deficit associated with autism has been a central topic in the debate about the modularity of the mind. Most involved in the debate about the explanation of the ToM deficitExpand
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The Wax and the Mechanical Mind: Reexamining Hobbes's Objections to Descartes's Meditations
Many critics, Descartes himself included, have seen Hobbes as uncharitable or even incoherent in his Objections to the Meditations on First Philosophy. I argue that when understood within the widerExpand
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Hobbes, Definitions, and Simplest Conceptions
Several recent commentators argue that Thomas Hobbes’s account of the nature of science is conventionalist. Engaging in scientific practice on a conventionalist account is more a matter of makingExpand
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