Marcus Oswald

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This paper deals with the cutting-plane approach to the maximum stable set problem. We provide theoretical results regarding the facet-defining property of inequalities obtained by a known project-and-lift-style separation method called edge-projection, and its variants. An implementation of a Branch and Cut algorithm is described, which uses(More)
The Graphical Traveling Salesman Polyhedron (GTSP) has been proposed by Naddef and Rinaldi to be viewed as a relaxation of the Symmetric Traveling Salesman Poly-tope (STSP). It has also been employed by Applegate, Bixby, Chvátal, and Cook for solving the latter to optimality by the Branch-and-Cut method. There is a close natural connection between the two(More)
In this paper we consider a variant of the betweenness problem occurring in computational biology. We present a new polyhedral approach which incorporates the solution of consecutive ones problems and show that it supersedes an earlier one. A particular feature of this new branch-and-cut algorithm is that it is not based on an explicit integer programming(More)