Marcus Nyberg

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The idea of merging different information appliances, each tailored to fit a specific task, into a multipurpose 3G mobile handset has become an interesting research area. This paper describes what considerations must be met from an efficiency point of view when designing a multipurpose handset concept including, e.g., camera functionality. The lessons(More)
OBJECTIVE The role of estrogens and androgens in the etiology and progression of testicular germ cell cancer is poorly understood. To gain insight into the role of sex steroid action in testicular tumorigenesis, we have measured mRNAs encoding estrogen receptor beta (ERbeta), androgen receptor (AR), and their coregulators SNURF/RNF4, PIASx, and PIAS1 in(More)
Immunosuppression is thought to be responsible for the increased incidence of tumor development after organ transplantation. Natural history of these tumors may be more aggressive than would be expected for a similar tumor in a patient without transplant. We describe the fulminant course of small cell carcinoma, likely of prostatic origin, in a kidney(More)
Acknowledgements This report has been produced as part of a collaboration between UN-Habitat and Ericsson, with contributions from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). In 2014 UN-Habitat and Ericsson entered into a three-year partnership aimed at providing valuable insights on the role of ICT in sustainable urbanization to city leaders and(More)
This paper describes an exploratory concept for how video communication can address the potential collaboration opportunities (and challenges) that arise with an emerging networked society in which the "material" to be used in the collaboration no longer is restrained to simple presentations, but can include services, Internet enabled objects, and many(More)
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