Marcus Mueller

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If subjects are asked to recollect a former response after having been informed about the correct response, their recollection tends to approach the correct response. This effect has been termed hindsight bias. We studied hindsight bias in an experiment requiring numerical responses to almanac-type questions for physical quantities. We varied (1) the time(More)
—In this paper, we present a measurement testbed for OFDM radar which uses USRPs as a front-end. The resulting system, using two USRPs and a laptop, requires little power and can thus be easily installed in vehicles to perform measurements for car-to-car or car-to-infrastructure applications. As an example, we show how signals parametrized according to the(More)
Total Jitter (TJ) at a low probability level can be measured directly only on a Bit Error Ratio Tester (BERT). Many engineers however resort to TJ techniques that are not BERT based, mainly because of the prohibitively long measurement times required for a brute-force high resolution BERT scan. In this paper, we describe an optimized technique based on(More)
The Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) community in the German-speaking countries has a long track record of publishing papers using design science research (DSR). However, the state of recent DSR within the BISE community is not well documented and the lessons learned can be useful for other communities. This paper investigates the use of(More)
Delegation of tasks is a basic pattern of numerous interactions within multiagent systems. Since agents are selfish and exploit local knowledge about their actions as well as the environment, delegators face the hazard of losing outcome due to self-serving behavior of the " employed " agent. This research work adopts the economic theory of agency to study(More)
The application of stationary battery storage systems to German electrical grids can help with various storage services. This application requires controlling the charge and discharge power of such a system. For example, photovoltaic (PV) home storage, uninterruptible power supply, and storage systems for providing ancillary services such as primary control(More)
Defensive Publishing denotes publication of an invention with the purpose of creating prior art, and thus preventing patents being granted on this invention. Although widely employed, it has hardly been investigated empirically. Our study is based on 56 in-depth interviews, among others with most industrial firms in the German DAX 30 stock index. We find(More)
Ein flächendeckendes Simulationstraining ist in vielen nichtmedizinischen Hochrisikobereichen etabliert. Die Beherrschung von Standardsituationen sowie die Bewältigung kritischer Ereignisse lassen sich gefahrlos trainieren. Hierzu vergleichbare Situationen bieten die notfallmedizinischen Versorgungen im Team des Rettungsdienstes. Eine sorgsame Konzeption(More)
Just-in-time deliveries are crucial for many industries. They are particularly essential when the properties of the delivered resource or the demanding processes are sensitive in time. Rigid, centralized planning tends to fail, especially in dynamic environments with distributed decisions and control. Under the constraints of distributed decisions and(More)